Innovative product concepts

  • Product concept (verbal)
  • Scribble and 3D visualisation
  • Design Sprints

We develop innovative product concepts, accompany packaging development from the very beginning and act as an “innovation lab” for our customers. At regular intervals, we present new food packaging concepts and develop selected ideas through to the finished prototype. Do you already know our Top Tool? The excellent recipe consisting of design sprints, rapid prototyping and consumer testing via food truck.

We are characterized by our passion for food and our comprehensive understanding of the food market. In our Food Lab, we conduct our own research into the recipes that will delight tomorrow’s consumers. Thus, we are the right contact for innovative food products! Since coherent product concepts are the basis for a successful market launch, it is important to test, optimize and review them again in an iterative process before the launch.

We do not see ourselves as mere surface designers and therefore actively work on the product idea in agile processes with our customers before we develop a suitable packaging concept and finally the optimal design for the new product. On request, we offer our customers time-saving design and research sprints for this purpose.

Whether it’s a big brand or a fresh food start-up, we use compact feedback cycles to develop design concepts for new products with our clients in a short time and work out possible market positioning based on our many years of F&B experience. The end result is always a packaging design that authentically represents the respective brand and generates real added value for our customers.

In order to incorporate real customer feedback into the design process in a resource-saving manner, the designs & concepts developed can optionally be tested directly on consumers via our food truck by means of surveys and subsequently optimized based on meaningful results. In this way, we shorten the time-to-market for our customers and create brand and packaging concepts that really create a stir, appetite and feelings of happiness among consumers.