Packing With Shelf Life Indicator

MILK MaterialLab banka packaging Alexander Cherkasov MILK-MaterialLab-banka-packaging-Alexander Cherkasov-1
MILK MaterialLab banka packaging Alexander Cherkasov


Alexander Cherkasov’s concept aims to preserve the shelf life of, for example, pickles, tomatoes or cabbage, and to alert the consumer to a harmful development of the product by means of a discolored reaction surface. Once the deterioration of the food has occurred, the surface of the bag turns gray and disposal is inevitable. In addition, the airtight packaging allows for a longer shelf life, space-saving storage and reuse. The sustainable material is produced ecologically and therefore serves as an alternative to energy-intensive glass production.

#packagingdesign #durablefood #sustainable

Product name: banka
Manufacturer: Alexander Cherkasov
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Behance (Alexander Cherkasov)
Image source: Alexander Cherkasov

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