Flexible recyclable cardboard container


Boardio® is an innovation with high environmental benefits from ARPACKAGING. It is a carton-based, cost-effective packaging solution with customized low- to high-barrier protection. Designed for recyclability with a very high percentage of renewable board, it enables strong positioning for green brands. Creative shapes and many practical features make them the ideal solution for a variety of products, such as dry mixes, coffee, snacks, confectionery and more. The packaging scores with its eye-catching shape and offers the possibility to print on all six sides. The integrated carton lid can be conveniently resealed. Compared to plastic and metal containers, such as tin cans, which are delivered empty, Boardio packaging reduces incoming goods by up to 95% by simply being delivered flat. This not only reduces CO2 emissions and costs due to transport by truck, but also all associated handling and storage costs accordingly.

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Product name: Boardio®
Manufacturer: AR Packaging Group
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: AR Packaging Group
Image source: AR Packaging Group

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