Packaging from fungus based materials


The mycelium-derived Mushroom packaging solution (Mushroom® Packaging based on MycoComposite™) was developed by Ecovative Design in 2007 and is a more cost-effective and biodegradable alternative compared to conventional foams. Their complete compostability is particularly innovative.

Based on a mixture of the fungus-cell combination mycelium and agricultural by-products oat or buckwheat hulls, Mushroom packaging is grown with no chemicals. After a 5-7 day development phase, heat irradiation causes the growth to stop. This creates a package that can be grown in any desired shape even without adding water or sunlight.

Mushroom® Packaging made from MycoComposite™ is thus a sustainable packaging method that demonstrates that agricultural waste can be reused, and put to good use, to produce an optimal replacement for Styrofoam and plastic. Ecovative is already working with several partners.

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Product Name: MycoComposite™
Manufacturer: Ecovative Design
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Peters, Sascha: Materialrevolution I. Sustainable and multifunctional materials for design and architecture, Basel 2014, p. 54.
Image source: Ecovative Design & Dan Qbary (top right)