Luxury Substitute to Bubble Wrap

Replacing Plastic With Wood

RAIKU offers a low footprint packaging materials that is neither paper nor plastic-based. In comparison to conventional market competitors in plastic, paper, and carton, Raiku uses 3000 times less water, 50 times less energy and zero chemicals. They also claim to reduce deforestation by 10 times due to their efficiency in production. The springs are 100% natural wood, compostable and harmless to nature after use. 

Looking luxurious while also being highly protective, RAIKU ensures each package reflects high aesthetic standards and provides maximum protection, guaranteeing the safe arrival of your products. They have Different fabric sizes, flexibility and toughness for various industries.

Product Name: Springs and Wraps
Manufacturer: RAIKU Packaging OÜ
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: RAIKU Packaging OÜ
Image source: RAIKU Packaging OÜ