A Fully Recyclable Polybag Solution Against Mold

Mold Preventing Bag Recycled From Beginning to End

MPX2® Polybags offer a cost-effective solution for packaging needs, featuring integrated anti-microbial technology that prevents mold growth on surfaces. These polybags are crafted from 100% recycled LDPE material, promoting sustainability and recyclability after use. Available in various sizes and customizable configurations, MPX2® Polybags cater to diverse packaging requirements, making them ideal for garments, bags, footwear, and more. Streamline your packaging process effortlessly by replacing traditional polybags with MPX2® Polybags, which require no special storage or handling procedures—simply insert goods during final packaging for complete protection.

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Product Name: MPX2® Polybag
Manufacturer: Micro-Pak Ltd.
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Micro-Pak Ltd.
Image source: Micro-Pak Ltd.

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