Social media have become part of everyday culture, especially among younger generations, and the topic of food is one of the most discussed. Whether it’s sourdough bread, baked feta pasta or squashed potatoes, these and other food hypes are still going viral on social networks. Particularly via TikTok, the little films have also spread to other social networks and made new and rediscovered recipes a “trend. The “baked feta pasta” trend has led to a shortage of feta in supermarkets in the U.S., for example. According to the Social Media Atlas 2021, for every 100 Internet users, 18 people have bought a product in the last twelve months because it was promoted by an Instagrammer.

Food hypes: nutrition goes viral

The fact that social media and food go together not only in the virtual but also in the real world could already be observed the year before last: Virtual Dining Concepts came up with the Youtube startup Jimmy Donaldson aka. MrBeast together and created MrBeast Burger. Immediately after launching in the fall of 2020, MrBeast sold 1 million burgers in three months. There are now 1,500 stores in the USA, Canada and the UK. It’s hardly surprising that TikTok now also wants to get into the restaurant business – and once again Virtual Dining Concepts is supposed to help: In December last year, the video-sharing platform announced the cooperation to start delivering typical TikTok trend dishes in the U.S. from March this year. Initially, there will be around 300 restaurants, but the company plans to break the 1,000 mark by the end of 2022.

Photo: Unsplash