Gastro Sentiments

Programmers call sentiments information with an emotional statement, i.e. texts with emojis, certain hashtags or connotative adjectives and verbs that can be read emotionally. As a result of the fact that food has now become a substitute religion and foodism has led to a vast amount of data (based on online restaurant reviews, photographed and posted food on social media, blog posts, etc.), trends and new developments in the field of nutrition will be recognized early on by artificial intelligences in the future.

Tastewise has developed a platform that reads menus published on the Internet, then compares them in parallel with “sentiments” and finally makes deductions and statements about promising trends and new developments. The algorithm recognizes which new dishes are enjoyed with pleasure and which are enjoyed with restraint.

Gastro Sentiments: AI makes restaurants even more of trendsetters

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Photo: Unsplash