Local Exotics

The lockdowns in the wake of the Corona pandemic have not only further reinforced the importance of local food production, but at the same time have created a new yearning for culinary discoveries and exotic delights. Local Exotics promise to resolve this contradiction in the future. New technologies such as aquaponics and indoor farming are making it possible for domestic producers to grow exotic foodstuffs in this part of the world: From ginger to shrimp, rice to wasabi, kiwi and tilapia to figs, citrus fruits and melons – more and more farms in Central and Northern Europe are expanding their product portfolio. For example, the “young WILD vegetable farmers“, a group of innovative farmers from Styria in Austria, now grow ginger in addition to berries, tomatoes and asparagus; at Veganis from Burgenland, it’s turmeric – a sensible thing to do, not least because of the popularization of Asian cuisine and the healthiness movement.

Local Exotics: Culinary delights between home and faraway places


Photo: Unsplash