Deformed, burned in a wood stove or printed with analogue photography techniques – a milk carton couldn’t be fresher. Happy Birthday TetraPak: 70 years in a compact package.

Away from all sustainability debates, we use the iconic shape of the TetraPak for ceramic art .

A product that is taken for granted in supermarkets, refrigerators and on the breakfast table at home – the TetraPak. Exactly 70 years after its market launch, we want to pay tribute to the lightweight, space-saving beverage container. The container, which has retained only the name from its original pyramid or tetrahedron shape, Studio Banani finds simple and shapely.

We are a food packaging design agency based in Frankfurt am Main. With our specialized team of Design, Consulting and Kitchen, we shape the food packaging of today and tomorrow for some of the biggest brands in Germany. This is a responsible task and highly relevant to society.

When people are asked how they want to live more sustainably, many cite their food consumption and specifically more sustainable packaging solutions. So, as creatives, we are right in the middle of things and, through our creation, we have an influence on what is eaten in the households of the republic or how food is packaged and communicates. In this particular design discipline – the supreme discipline for food & beverages – we have earned a good reputation.

Together with a handful of other top food packaging design agencies, we provide industry and commercial companies with tasteful design and critical advice for more sustainable products.