Graphic paper from disposable cups

Coffee Cup Paper

Innovative upcycling saves paper fiber in disposable cups.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, 2.8 billion disposable cups are consumed annually in Germany alone, mostly plastic-coated paper cups that currently end up in the trash because they cannot be recycled in a proportionate and economical way. The cups are made of a composite of paper and plastic – and it is precisely this combination that slows down the recycling process. A newly developed, innovative recycling product now enables this separation and thus the return of virgin fiber pulp from disposable cups to the recycling loop – the CoffeeCup Paper.

The graphic paper is a recycled product made from 100% waste paper. It consists of about 25% disposable paper cups and about 75% directly recyclable waste paper. The result is a product suitable for everyday use with a fair price-performance ratio and great environmental performance. Because once produced, the paper can be recycled at least six more times.

With its matt rough surface and natural coloring, CoffeeCup Paper impresses as a visually and haptically appealing, uncoated natural paper and is thus ideally suited for sustainable messages – its origin and story underscore these like no other recycled product. The innovative idea, which enables upcycling to graphic paper, originally came from the printing and media technology department of the creart Neidhardt Werbe GmbH in Fulda in eastern Hesse. Together with the team from IGEPA Großhandel GmbH , the “CoffeeCup Paper” project was then set in motion and the new recycling idea was realized.

The Challenge: We need more cups!

While IGEPA is the exclusive distributor, the cooperation partner for manufacturing is Koehler Paper Group. This concentrated expertise is what makes sustainable innovation possible in the first place. Because IGEPA also organizes the easy collection of the cups. This means that the CoffeCup Paper is not only a great opportunity for suppliers from the system catering industry to improve their own environmental balance sheet by collecting cups and using them for their own sustainability communication, it also saves on disposal costs.

In addition to the already acquired partner McDonald’s – which uses the CoffeeCup Paper directly for its sustainability communication – further cooperation partners are still being sought so that the CoffeeCup Paper project can grow and raw materials can be recovered from waste for the recycling cycle. Join in!

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Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production


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