Furnishings from recycled coffee scraps

MILK MaterialLab ThatsCaffeine Atticus Durnell
MILK MaterialLab ThatsCaffeine Atticus Durnell MILK-MaterialLab-ThatsCaffeine-Atticus-Durnell-3
MILK MaterialLab ThatsCaffeine Atticus Durnell MILK-MaterialLab-ThatsCaffeine-Atticus-Durnell-4

A second life for leftover coffee

Atticus Durnell recycles coffee scraps by making furnishings such as lamps, plates and even tiles from them. By pressing these remains with resin, completely biodegradable products succeed. Subsequent sealing provides individual color in addition to water and temperature resistance. The idea of the Briton gives the previously unused waste a new functionality and thus avoids those Co2 emissions that would arise from conventional disposal….

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Product name: That’s Caffeine
Manufacturer: Atticus Durnell
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Atticus Durnell
Image source: Atticus Durnell

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