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MILK MaterialLab WikiCell David Edwards
MILK MaterialLab WikiCell David Edwards
MILK MaterialLab WikiCell David Edwards


Originally conceived as an experiment, Harvard professor David Edwards’ edible packaging allows consumers to consume a wide variety of foods with less waste. The Gelatine WikiCells membrane shell is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic packaging due to its natural ingredients such as alginate and chitosan, as well as its plant-based additives. By adding fibrous residues from sugar cane, a hard shell can be formed that not only provides optimal protection, but also matches the particular flavor of the contents. The shell can also be washed off like an ordinary fruit and can be discovered in other applications. David Edwards’ novelty is called WikiCocktail – an alcoholic drink in a container made of orange peel.

#sustainable #bethechange #ecofriendly #biobased #organic #gogreen #newmaterials #wikicells

Product Name: WikiCells
Manufacturer: David Edwards

Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Peters, Sascha: Materialrevolution II. New Sustainable and Multifunctional Materials for Design and Architecture, Basel 2014, p. 85.
Image source: David Edwards

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