Fully recyclable stand base-


The Bear Naked® granola brand, a Kellogg Company product, introduced a new, fully recyclable stand-up pouch in 2019. In developing the Bear Naked® bag, five different companies collaborated to pave the way to more sustainable options for brands and packers. The goal was not only to produce a recyclable bag, but also to produce it efficiently while maintaining the same customer experience. Although these packages are light and thin, there are actually many layers of material used in the manufacture of films for flexible bags. In order for flexible packaging to be fully recyclable, a polyethylene film is needed from a single cast. Berry Global’s nine-layer Entour™ film structure meets these requirements, but also offers important properties beyond recyclability. The film structure exceeds even Kellogg’s barrier requirements for shelf life, has a clear window to showcase the product inside, is rigid enough to stand on shelves, and can be conveniently hermetically sealed. Thus, the basic material was created. Added to this were the barrier film developed by Dow® Chemical, the printing by Colourmasters and the closure by the manufacturer Fresh-Lock.

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Product Name: Entour
Manufacturer: BerryGlobal
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: BerryGlobal
Image source: Healthcare Packaging

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