Plastic Eating Fungus

MILK MaterialLab Fungi Muratium
MILK MaterialLab Fungi Muratium
MILK MaterialLab Fungi Muratium
MILK MaterialLab Fungi Muratium

Fungi Mutarium

The prototype Fungi Mutarium enables the cultivation of a fungal biomass that is suitable for consumption, in addition to its amazing ability to degrade long-lasting plastic waste. Specially designed agar forms based on a mixture of starch and sugar, known as “FU”, serve as the nutrient base for the fungus. In shape they resemble mushrooms and plants in nature, so that their harvest should remind you of “picking mushrooms”. These “FUs” are filled with plastics, which the fungus subsequently decomposes and digests. Unlike metals, fungi do not store toxic plastic components, but break them down completely – and, according to scientific studies, can be consumed without hesitation. The agar is based on marine algae and acts as a gelatin substitute, thus providing ideal nutrient medium. The fungi used (Schizophyllum Commune and Pleurotus Ostreatus) are found worldwide. Europe-wide even on a variety of woods and many other plant substrates. They are also at home in Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

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Product name: Fungi Mutarium
Manufacturer: LivinStudio
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Peters, Sascha; Drewes, Diana: Materials in Progress. Innovations for Designers and Architects, Basel 2019, p. 36.
Image source: LivinStudio

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