Edible drinking straw

MILK MaterialLab Superhalm Wisefood
MILK MaterialLab Superhalm Wisefood


The German company Wisefood has realized the mission of a plastic-free drinking straw with its SUPERHALM. The edible SUPERHALM, made from natural ingredients, wants to put an end to the mass of disposed plastic drinking straws. Because over a billion of them are thrown away every day. In addition to fruit fibers and cereals, citric acid and stevia form the starting materials for the biodegradable drinking straw alternative. The sweetness obtained from apple pomace and other fruit waste gives SUPERHALM not only its good taste, but also its decomposability. The lactose-free and vegan straw can be enjoyed in a drink for about an hour and then leaves zero waste. If it is not eaten, it can be completely biodegraded. An additional plus is the good mouthfeel compared to paper drinking straws.

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Product name: SUPERHALM
Manufacturer: Wisefood
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Wisefood
Image source: Wisefood