Propellant-Free Aerosol Containers

The Bottle That Pressurizes With A Twist

twistMistTM and its 100% mechanical actuation mechanism creates a consistent spray from the first-to-last drop. It can be loaded to a pressure of 4–5 bars. Their aerosol technology is powered by a twist rather than harmful propellants. The bottle is never pressurized and can be customized with any shape, material, or color. Allowing also for any sustainable materials to be implemented. The spray bottle’s unique design allows for maximum customization along the five most important vectors of the aerosol system: spray insert, bottle, button, shroud, and, ring. twistMistTM claims its design can be used at least 6 times in the reuse cycle, reducing waste and their carbon footprint.

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Product Name: twistMistTM
Manufacturer: Alternative Packaging Solutions (APS)
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Alternative Packaging Solutions 
Image Source: Alternative Packaging Solutions