The new Breakfast.

Nut nougat cream or liverwurst? Water under the bridge. From now on you don’t have to decide anymore. Sweet or savory is the classic question at breakfast. We have created a brand that combines both under one roof.

Breakfast with Doo-Oh

Doo-Oh focuses on new, unseen ingredients in this segment and creates the duet for the breakfast of the future. You’ve probably read in our magazine how we used malt as a base for the sweet cream. Click here for the article.

nut nougat cream 2.0

A fabulous breakfast duet: malt cream instead of nut nougat and koji cream for a savory treat. Which type are you?

Breakfast with Doo-Oh sweet

Our design for this recipe development from Foodlab is minimalist, focusing on typography and warm colors (creamy purple, zesty orange).

Breakfast with Doo-Oh savory

savoury or sweet – if you can’t decide, take both.

Food industry and trade watch out! We offer this new product concept exclusively incl. Brand & Packaging Design for one-time sale or under license. We are looking forward to your inquiry to

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