Lazy Food

Of course. Vegan. Lazy.

After slow food comes…? Genaaauuuuuuu … Lazy Food.

Lazy Food

We have made it our objective to commemorate the CBD hype of the last few years.

Lazy Food Mood

The egg-free mayo(you read about it in the magazine) not only tastes wonderful, it has now also been given a contemporary brand and pack design.

Lazy Food
Rhubarb and Apple Mayonnaise +CBD +VEGAN

The Lazy Food range is completed by a CDB oil and fantastic cookies, also decelerated by the addition of CBD. Click here for the recipe development: Three cookies for one Hallelujaaaaah!

With Lazy Food, we bring the brand of the times: relaxed and focused on the essentials. The range is set to grow further and we look forward to receiving inquiries from industry or trade for more extensive marketing.

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