Broth, juice and tea: vegetables as a trendy drink

Vegetables are healthy – this argument didn’t convince us even as a child. It just has to taste good too. But let’s forget overcooked cauliflower, spinach porridge or other unspeakable things for a moment and think of the aromas of fresh carrots or celery.

Trending: vegetable drinks

There is potential in this, e.g. we could imagine aromatic drinks that combine the health aspects of a vegetable broth with the good taste of a cool drink, a kind of vegetable iced tea.

Hip and healthy with vegetables drink

The trend towards fortifying broths is nothing new. They restore strength. So-called “restaurants” were already being served in the middle of the 18th century. Health-conscious city dwellers in Paris were very happy to consume these bouillons in public in a beautiful setting. This is how restaurants came into being in Paris.

So everything is the same as before. Because even today we want to eat healthy and tasty, now also meat-free, sustainable and on-the-go.

We therefore set out to make a tasty vegetable extract, a broth based on a vegetable, water and supplemented with a spice.

We use carrots, celery, peppers and beans as vegetables. We prepare the different types of vegetables. That means washing, peeling and chopping. We use 500 g of vegetables with 300 ml of water and prepare the broths cold to extract the maximum amount of flavor. Whether the classic cold setting, as practiced in the kitchen, is the optimal method or rather the laws of osmosis should be observed, should be reconsidered.

Cold approach, osmosis forth; Unfortunately, we had to find out that there is no broth that meets our taste buds.

Juice broth

So we’re taking a different approach. We extract the juice from the vegetables in a centrifuge to obtain a not-from-concentrate juice that we slowly heat to 70 degrees. During this process, the cloudy substances dissolve and settle on the bottom of the pot. After the broth has cooled down, we filter out the cloudy substances and get a clear, intense broth.

So we now have the best of juice: an intense, fresh, aromatic taste and broth: lightness and transparency.

Spice it up

This corresponds exactly to our claim to combine health with taste and vegetable broth with a trendy cold drink.

We add various spices and herbs to the result:

  • Paprika with ginger
  • Celery with allspice
  • Carrot with turmeric
  • Bean with savory

We let the broths simmer over low heat for four hours. Then we filter the vegetable drink through a fine sieve and pack it in a can. This underlines the claim to reach a young, urban target group and thus set a new trend.

Our V / T (Vegetable / Tea) is ice cold, the new hot Sche … But even when heated, the can is hand warmer and innovative tea in one. Is it a juice, a broth or a tea now? The V / T doesn’t fit into any category. We don’t care, what matters is it tastes good!

If the contents are tasty, the packaging should show it. And that’s exactly what we do at MILK. This is where content meets packaging.

Packaging design agency meets Food Lab

Food Lab ? What does a packaging design agency have to do with the food laboratory? We want to get to the heart of the matter before designing the surface – i.e. the packaging. Only those who understand a food can translate the taste into a suitable food packaging design. That’s why creative minds in our kitchen deal with food long before it comes to Packaging Design.

You can see what that looks like in our project list. The brand called SOWN sums up what our Foodlab team has developed here.