Packaging design for a chewy freshness kick.

You don’t suck these drops. With our packaging design for the fresh gum drops from Em-eukal, we take the freshness kick to a new level. Now catch your breath and start over. How? It’s simple: Just chew through!

Em-Eukal gum drops

Em‑eukal gum drops aren’t just refreshing and delicious, but they’re also the perfect treat between meals. Rich essential oils, herbal and fruit extracts make them the perfect accompaniment to your work day, on your travels or during sport.

Our new design shows the fast and stimulating effect that the fresh drops have on you while you’re on the go. The new display window has been designed to resemble the shape of a drop. The kick of freshness provided by the essential oils and natural ingredients extends around the shape in the form of a swirl. In combination with the strikingly placed Call to Action: Just chew through! creates packaging that speaks directly to the customer and perfectly conveys the effect intended by the retailer.

The new look has been implemented across the entire gum drop range. The latest variety, ginger and turmeric, comes in a vibrant new design, too.

Em-Eukal gum drops

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