The Limo Ultralight

Ultra-light packaging design for granini's lemonade.

The new, ultra-light Limo from granini has a very low sugar content and is very low in calories. It is a super modern, refreshing drink, with the innovative combination of coconut water and lemons. It demanded a special, light packaging design.

Coconut water-lemon the lemonade

This Limo has nothing to hide. That is why the ultra-light drink is now available in a transparent bottle with a cool fruit drop design. In an aromatic swirl behind the iconic “Die Limo” lettering, we reveal a refreshing, fruity duet of coconut water and lemon juice.

Ultra light, ultra fresh, ultra tasty. The design highlights the purely natural ingredients and the sparkling flavours. There are no artificial sweeteners and no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. Let yourself go and immerse yourself in this ultra-light, natural refreshment.

Coconut water-lemon soda design for granini

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