“Mahlzeit” campaign

We have been supporting Die Arche in Frankfurt with donations and by organising trips for children and young people since December 2015. If you aren’t familiar with Die Arche: each day in Die Arche, lunches are served to children and young people who often don’t get to eat a proper meal (or “Mahlzeit” in German) at home. The money goes directly where it is needed.

Die Arche is active in 27 locations in 13 cities and regions across Germany, and also in Switzerland and Poland. You can donate here.

You read about campaigns from previous years and the latest news in our magazine.

Die Arche, Frankfurt

Too many children go to school without eating breakfast. In many families, eating a warm meal together is not part of the daily routine. That is why children begin their daily visits to Die Arche with a free, warm midday meal. Some of our establishments serve a warm meal in the evening. And where Die Arche works together with schools offering before-school care, we provide children with breakfast each day.

The healthy, balanced meal plays a key role in giving children a structure to their day that they can rely on and that relieves the burden on their shoulders. Children can even help to plan the meals if they wish. We take the dietary requirements of children with a migrant background into account.

We believe that eating together as a group provides an ideal opportunity to chat with these children and to develop relationships with them. They get to experience an atmosphere in which they are accepted and feel at home. The Die Arche staff are always on hand to listen, so they can talk about their frustrations or exciting things that have happened to them. We teach them that food and community go hand in hand.

Children learn to appreciate food and can practise conventional ways of behaving at the table. We give the children and their parents an understanding of the importance of a healthy diet through discussions and courses, and we encourage them to value eating together as a family.

Besides free food, every Die Arche also features a clothes store. Here children and families can find good quality, second-hand clothing that has been donated by friends and supporters of our work at Die Arche. We are happy to pass these on – where they are most urgently needed.

Source: kinderprojekt-arche.eu/ueber-uns/angebote/essen